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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Spiritual Gendering" Part 4

Mar 11, 2016

"Spiritual gendering"
Part 4

Learning to walk "in sync" achieving harmony, balance and freedom of expression.

If you have been following this particular topic and series and Monday's night's topic on Starz BlogTalk radio; (accessible on Starz homepage all live broadcasts are recorded) you are hopefully finding some enlightenment, insight and guidance regarding true or spiritual gender. While we accept all belief systems and this is ONLY what my guides share and support it is our intention that those that may be struggling are better able to understand and therefore resolve conflict arising from gender issues. (Spiritual gender versus physical gender)

As we move towards a conclusion; we first need to address various methods or the ability to sustain self-awareness and cultivate our individuality while remaining connected to the collective. Although my guides teach that we often find our "true" path at times can be unsupported or misunderstood by others, in any choice not necessarily the direct assimilation of "gendering" our true path IS our highest. And while it is admirable to be a "frontier" on one's quest for purpose and in seeking life path, purpose, destiny, Karma etc., it is unrealistic to ignore our instinctual and emotional needs for validation. We are and always shall be a part of the collective and of course the Divine (however one defines such) and we cannot as spiritual beings in our human life and world ignore these needs or drives. So realistically to some degree that may vary with individuals and the gap between spirit (core energy/self) and ego (external, conscious self) all beings seek acceptance and the greatest drive=love. And although romantic or passionate love is a part of that, there are also the more general or universal needs to love and be loved for who we are. And this absolutely can influence and often even control how or even if we are able to be self-accepting while maintaining some validation or approval.

A simple analogy of how to achieve balance is learning the required cooperation of spirit to human and the interactions, perceptions and responses of the general society or culture we are a part of. And in a sense we can view this as give and take. Just as we accept that personal relationships or jobs and careers require that same give and take and moderate approach, the same can be said of expressing one's true self/gender while also remaining somewhat within the lines of a defined role. And that often becomes our greatest challenge is seeking that fine line of balance. We should never as stated oppress or deny the true self in any form, however to reach harmony requires that ability to accept traditional roles, expectations and perceptions of others.

So for those then that are physical males but resonate with a more feminine energy it may require some flexibility in both action and attitude towards self and others. It is much like negotiating a deal, a career change for example. We make an offer for our salary requirements in exchange for the experience, education or aptitude we have to offer a company or business. Said company then counter-offers and we are faced with that choice. To reach our greatest potential it is often more serving of self and our future outcome to "barter" perhaps accepting a lower salary in exchange for absolute security and unlimited growth or promotional opportunity. So one in such a dilemma would not be guided to give up the potential rewards and benefits over a sacrifice, yet at the same time we have to be firm with our boundaries and when compromise or sacrifice is greater than the reward or potential.

In our role as being simply "ourselves" this can be a bit more difficult. It may be that the spiritual masculine energy residing in a female physical gender/body and therefore more attune with a masculine approach to career, makes minor adjustments towards co-workers and/or colleagues.

It is not that my guides suggest that we deny our true self, whatever we embrace and define that to be, but rather we keep our intentions on the greater good and higher path.
And just as countries must learn to unite for the greater or common good, so we as individuals do need some flexibility without of course losing our true self or abandoning such.

As with all forms of communication, interaction and intention, we as spiritual beings and humans, regardless of spiritual and physical gender are working towards our highest path and self. So it is within that intention and to that end we seek to interact and remain aware of the response and/or the potential perception of others.

As with all things, we surely come from a place of love and light and if that becomes our overall intention or the "springboard" from true expression of self, in any form we are walking our "true" path.

Next, the conclusion and putting it all together. ~

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