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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "It's a wonderful life"

Feb 2, 2017

"It's a wonderful life"

Stop what you are doing for just a moment and ask yourself how often if at all in the last week, 2 weeks or even month you have smiled thinking; it's a wonderful life! (No reference to the movie of same title intended) Chances are very few of us have without experiencing some major celebratory event has uttered that sentence.

As humans, we do live in the physical world, a literal world of work, bills, relationship challenges and other stress creating events. And as the wheel seems to continually or perpetually go round and round, we far too often become focused on the wheel. And the wheel AKA life, unless we have the good fortune to acknowledge a specific event can take us spiritually and emotionally to a lower energy.

So we go day by day, and weeks pass, months for some of us even years and not once do we stop and reflect that it is indeed a wonderful life.

I am sure there are many reading this that will vehemently disagree, there is pain, and there is grief, trauma, and tragedy. That too is a part of living our human or physical life. But if we choose to open our eyes and more importantly our spirit and heart, many if not most can or will find something to smile about.

I don't know how many are familiar with a very old movie, titled; "Old Yeller". It originally was released in black and white and I believe is from the late 50's, a story of both tragedy and triumph. And I have always remembered a line from that movie (if you haven't seen it, I do recommend it and its G rated) that in many ways sums up our choices in how we choose to feel about life. I am paraphrasing, but a father says to his grief stricken son; "There are some things in life a man just can't understand and isn't fair in any way we can make sense of." "But I have found that even in those times, if we are willing to look up and around, we will find that life generally has something good to offer". How true!! We cannot always replace what may have been lost,  whether a job or a partner, nor can we expect to easily shed or discard our emotions as that is not even healthy or functional. We will face pain, adversity and challenges; but for those that can choose to look up, or open up, life is and always will be filled with something beyond the now or present.

Sometimes we have to fight to keep that belief system alive and within our spiritual being or energy. It's actually so much easier to give into the loss, the despair or the sadness. If we don't hope or we don't love or care, then we fool ourselves into believing we cannot be hurt. But hiding from life and the unlimited possibilities that may be waiting around the corner never bring happiness and our life only then lets the light fade until its pitch dark.

As you ponder your life, whatever your trials, your personal challenges or obstacles, find the moments, the days or the people that at some point DID make a difference. Life is constant motion, and in that motion we then must know with some assurance that what is bad, can -someday be good again. And it can be hard in those moments to see past that dark cloud or that huge rock in the road. So we need to remind ourselves, every now and again, that it really is or at the least can be a wonderful life.

As much as we can recall the bad, the ugly the times when everything seemed so far from reach, there is another path or choice. And beyond that door, or that moment or that choice if we can see that life is far from done with us, and that this is an amazing world, just as in the movie, we will likely see the good. Or at least the potential for that good. And everything begins with intention and choice, once we believe, we manifest and then we create and then changes are upon us.

So before you let days, weeks or months go by, take a minute to really absorb and believe, that it can and will be a wonderful life.

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