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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Spiritual Gendering" Part 2

Mar 9, 2016

"Spiritual gendering"
Part 2

As we look at the potential effects that specific gendering has on our life, path, purpose and goals one would obviously need to believe or be open to the actual idea. As noted in part 1 and during Starz BlogTalk Radio; there is no right or wrong when it comes to beliefs or spirituality. Therefore this information would be quite insightful and useful for those that see a consistency in gendering and/or may resonate with the information. All information shared comes from my guides and also my experiences as a medium. Just to be clear in context by the use of the word "medium" I am referring to the specific gift or ability to speak with spiritual beings. These are humans that have crossed over or departed their physical vessel or body and are in the spirit realm, or what I call, "Heaven". I also have worked closely with various paranormal groups and am a "sensitive" which I define in this context of being able to pick up energies both human and non-human that come from various sources in various forms. And my guides are responsible for transmitting the data or communication and then translating this for me. At times it can be difficult to draw the line between my guides and what I am capable of in the paranormal field specifically. This is relevant only because it seems to support those even spiritual beings or entities present as a specific gender. For example encounters with dark energy and also those of what I would label to be in the angelic realm again defining this as those beings that either were never human or were only human/physical for a short life long, long ago. It is always presented as either feminine or masculine whether just a sense of energy or an actual shadow figure, outline, etc.

As we covered in part one and on air, all humans and spiritual beings have some degree of the opposite gender traits and qualities. So no matter if one is a true female (from the spiritual core) or male, all of us possess some traits of both genders. That being said I have often dealt with clients and also seen in my personal life how their can arise clashes or conflict when there is any type of gender dysfunction or confusion. And to clarify, this is from the spiritual perspective rather than the psychological or biological point of view. There are several psychological disorders which refer to "gender identity disorder" and while my guides have a strong theory for this, we are not including those that may have been diagnosed with such a disorder. And also this excludes those that have genetic issues which cause physical attributes internal and external to be a mixture of male and female. So this is referring to the average or a human that is experiencing some type of conflict that has arisen from gender issues.

The following are the most acknowledged and common traits found in each gender. It is not meant to be biased, judgmental nor all encompassing; however these traits and/or coping skills are almost always associated with masculine versus feminine universally. We also need to keep in mind that these are or my guides support this by the belief system that our spiritual core is inherently masculine or feminine and therefore has the most influence over our self-image, world view, interactions and relationships. As far as being male versus female that is an indication of our physical attributes and the two are not always matched.

Masculine; Masculine energy is more assertive, more powerful and is generally a strong energy or presence. The masculine influences usually tend to be left brain functioning, analytical, logical and precise. A more scientific and detached view of self and world. There appears to be a strong desire for or towards the use of tools, repairing or abilities to repair or more easily understand the mechanics of various items; vehicles, building skills, large appliances etc. Masculine energy tends to be less communicative and quicker to accept people and circumstances at face value or as presented. Also geared towards fast and efficient problem solving, masculine energy almost always seems decisive and quick to resolve issues or problems. However that is not to suggest that masculine energy or traits are "right" more than the feminine counterpart. Self-reliant, independent and not generally prone to seek help or assistance. In career for example masculine energy tends to be dominant, competitive, bold and focused. However usually the focus is on one area or task, not strong multi-taskers. Also not quick to worry about personal "persona" other than how it relates to career. Disinterested in engaging in idle or useless gossip, with little to no drive for competing with same gender. The masculine energy can at times be controlling and somewhat possessive, also however quick to intervene in public encounters or situations of threats to self and/or others. Again this is not meant to encompass all traits nor do all those that are spiritually masculine gender display every or all traits.

Feminine; the feminine energy displays more right brain tendencies, which rule emotions over logic. A much softer energy, sensitive towards others with a natural nurturing need. The feminine energy craves communication and generally seeks the approval of others in all areas of life. Also a great need or drive for fully discussing and analyzing situations, other humans, self and all problems. The feminine energy is much more adept at multi-tasking, and protective but usually only towards those closest or that share emotional bonds; such as children, siblings, or those with obvious disadvantages. Often displays a variety of emotions without embarrassment or such is done freely without reservation. Common sense is logical and problems are often easily solved but often reluctant to put to action. An example would be the feminine energy may be able to explain or identify the solution to a problem but seeks out masculine energy to carry out the solution such as repairs, building, etc. In career often driven by their emotions towards intrinsic satisfaction. Can be very competitive towards same gender. Often intimately involved and interested in the lives' of other co-workers and motivated towards interaction and strives for acceptance. A more understanding nature but often looks deep below the surface and seeks a greater understanding for motivation of actions both self and others. Quick to seek help or assistance when in need. Almost all reactions or responses have an emotional factor and/or more emotional in all situations.

As you can see the traits, coping skills and characteristics vary greatly in the masculine versus feminine energies. There is no "better" or "greater" between the two, there is only balance within that energy and also in the ability to have enough of the alter energy to not be overly characterized. So for example in the masculine energy if there lacks some feminine influence the assertive side can become aggression. Or the desire to protect becomes controlling. In femininity, without some traces of the masculine energy such can become fragile, inter-dependent and overly reliant on the opinion of others to define self.

Although our society and universally we have become much more accepting of a variety of traits rather than only "labeling" others based on their physical gender, we still battle certain bias and expectations. This can vary in different cultures with some being much more "unisex" in the portrayal or display of both energies regardless of physical gender while others remain more traditional.

In order to better know one's self, and to be able to achieve your potential both as a person, and along your path, purpose, etc. It is important to be able to resonate within and embrace your spiritual gender. To achieve this, my guides suggest that you set aside your "physical" gender and instead make a list of the way that you cope, view self and life in general. Start also by making general comparisons to the masculine versus feminine energy to see which you seem more inclined towards, then by knowing that you can begin to incorporate this awareness into shifting your emotional and conscious self towards balance and unification of self.

Next; a closer look at how gendering affects our life in all aspects. ~

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