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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Spiritual Gendering"

Mar 8, 2016

"Spiritual gendering"
Synopsis of Starz BlogTalk Radio-broadcast from 3/7/16

Our show runs every Monday night and last night per what has been the usual featuring hosts, Natalie, AKA StarzCast (Owner, founder, CEO of Starz and all affiliates) and myself-StarzMayaMoon.

What a great show!! Natalie and I share some belief systems and although all belief's or views are considered equal or validated, and we all may resonate with a different perspective. We agreed and shared examples of other humans that were physically male or female, yet their energy often emerged as the opposite gender. As explained; spiritual gendering or gender is the belief or system of beliefs that spiritual energy or for humans our spiritual core/center or being is inherently male or female. And while there should and generally the influences of the opposite gender, (balance and grounding) the majority of us tend to emit those traits associated with a specific gender.
My guides teach the "pyramid" and our spiritual energy is the top of such pyramid; therefore our coping skills, self-image, world view and emotional and cognitive function is always influenced by our spiritual core.

Natalie pointed out that a friend she has known for many, many years often displays traits that are usually associated with the masculine persona yet she is a female friend. And we discussed the likely possibility that her friend perhaps had a more masculine or male dominant attitude and coping speculating perhaps her spiritual core was indeed masculine. We also discussed how many of us see our creator, source, power, God or Goddess as often being male or female and others view this as having all gender or no defined gender. It's a very complex subject and usually brings up very strong feelings in a debate.

From science and the study of conception or fertilization through birth we know that each fetus begins as a female, and as the progression or the phases of development complete. The female which is carrying the XY (male) chromosomes changes and drops the ovaries into testes, along with other biological criteria for determining physical gender. And we should always clarify there is a difference between our spiritual gendering or gender and sexual identity as these are two very different and often unrelated issues.

Aside and/or perhaps it may include to some degree transgenderism; those humans that are physically female but seem awkward around other females and have more common interests with males are quite possible a result of a spiritual gender that IS actually male. So in simple terms, a female that has a knack for fixing or repairing appliances and vehicles, has more interest in sports than shopping or say cooking could easily be influenced by their true spiritual gender rather than physical.

Also it is important to note that biologically, males carry the dominant hormone of testosterone and females are estrogen and progesterone. However males DO have low levels of estrogen just as females have low levels of testosterone. That seems to support the spiritual theory that balance is important and that to some extent we all carry some of both traits, however it is that which becomes or is dominant that determines our true gendering.

Although it may not always be of importance or even significant to define or know, there are times when our dominant characteristics or "gender" can create or cause problems in our interactions and relationships with others. For those that often feel "out of place" or seem to receive a reaction or response from others that is unclear, it's very possible that your spiritual gender is not matched to your physical gender and that energy can often be perceived as confusing. It is also always important in every or any aspect of life most especially our spirituality that we achieve balance and become self-aware.

If you are a female, yet your career drive, ambition and coping tactics appear more masculine, it's likely you are more male in gender spiritually. The same can be true of the male that prefers cooking, sewing or other more traditionally "female" associated tasks or traits, that there is a conflict between the spiritual genders versus the physical.
In conclusion from our show, there is nothing "wrong", strange or odd with those that embody either the opposite or a mixture of gendering. As long as we are accepting of self and others and are able to embrace our life and who we are, the matter of gender does not define our "light" however it often can and does define at least in part who we are.

Watch for this week's blog as I continue to delve into the topic of spiritual gendering and how to recognize traits and to blend or balance those for the highest good and outcome.

Always remember you can listen to all prior broadcasts by clicking the link on Starz home page with a variety of choices to hear previously recorded shows.

Up next, the traits and coping skills that help to determine gender spiritually. ~

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